Winners of the 10th Muse 2020 Interactive Writing Contest announced!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 10th Muse 2020 Interactive Fiction Writing Contest! All the entries were a pleasure to read. Choosing the winners was very hard, but we made it.

The winning entries and authors are as follows:

3rd place with a 100 euro prize goes to "Towards Freedom" by Camilla Taipalvesi.

"Towards Freedom" tells the story of Lady Lily. She escapes her guardian and forced marriage to find a treasure that could buy her freedom. A dashing prince and shapeshifter comes to her aid and they rush to find the treasure before Lily’s uncle drags her back home and to an unhappy marriage.

2nd place with a 200 euro prize goes to "Ripe Blackberries" by Solina Riekkola.

"Ripe Blackberries" is an erotic tale of Danika, a young bride, who soon notices married life is not quite like she imagined. Danika’s new husband turns out to be a surly twit, but luckily his milkmaid is both quick-witted and attractive. With a little help from the milkmaid, Danika gets closely acquainted with a local forest god / stunning bearman and together they find better things to do than stove scrubbing.

1st place with 600 euro prize to "Sterling" by dave ring.

"Sterling" is a queer supernatural romance set in DC about unearthly beings called argents and aurens that live amongst unknowing humans.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants! All winners are contacted personally for payment details.

We will host more contests, so please stay tuned for more opportunities to show your skills and win!


First writing contest now closed for entries

A huge thank you to everyone who participated! We are going through submissions right now. Winners will be announced on 2nd of March. All winners will be contacted personally.

We got word that there has been a problem with the contest entry form on the last day of submissions. If you tried to submit a story but had a problem, please send your entry by email to We accept late entries until 19th of February 23:00 (GMT +02:00). Apologies for the trouble!


Sana: Interactive Stories is available on the App Store!

Download Sana: Interactive Stories to your Apple device now! We are happy and proud to present to you the first version of Sana, with interactive stories from professional writers. New stories are updated to the app often. We'd love to hear your thoughts on Sana, all feedback is very welcome!

Android users, hang in there, your version is coming soon!


Frequently asked questions about the writing contest

We have gotten some questions about the contest and would like to share the answers with everyone.

1. Is LGBT+ content allowed?

Yes! We are LGBT+ friendly and would very much like to see many different types of stories.

2. How “saucy” can the stories be?

The app is for adults. We are going for PEGI 16 rating, which allows for erotic content (with no graphic elements), violence (with no graphic elements) and use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

3. How easy is it to submit a story?

Very easy! Write a story, plan where it branches and what are the ends of the story. Mark the branching and end(s) with comments. An actual human will read the story and do the programming, so don’t worry too much about the formatting! Add a cover page with your name and contact details and submit through our form on our web page: If you win, we will take care of the cover art!

4. What do you mean by supernatural romance? Can I write something else than a vampire or a werewolf story?

Any story that happens in a world where there is magic is a supernatural story by our definition :) Anything from Twilight style vampire and werewolf romances all the way to fairies, witches and H.P. Lovecraft style eldritch horrors fit the definition. The genre is not so much meant to limit stories, but to allow for many different types of stories.

5. Can I write over 10k words?

Yes you can! The limit is to guide stories to not be super short, so going over is fine.

6. Are the notes for programming and formatting text counted towards the word count?

No, notes and formatting for choices is not counted towards the word count.

If you have any more questions, please ask away! See the contact us section to reach us.


Hard at work on the first version of Sana

The 10th Muse team is working on a Demo version of Sana to show you how reading on the app would look and feel. The demo app will come with a link to a feedback form, as we would like to hear from you what you like and dislike about the app. We will notify you as soon as the demo is available, worry not!


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